Sunday, October 30, 2011

My weekend in a picture 10/28/2011-10/30/2011

Hello there!  I am really happy to see you here to read this quick little blog post.  If it's your first time, welcome.  If you're a repeat offender, thanks for your patronage.  This was a great weekend.  And since a picture is worth a thousand words...

I baked a lot this weekend.  A lot.  I needed to do something as a release from the insane past few weeks of school, and baking is always a good release for me.  Above are Nutella Gooey Butter Cookies.  They're to die for.  So good.  Make sure to have a glass of milk close by, though! 

 I sent 4 care packages on Friday and I am excited for the various recipients to get them soon!  I can't tell you much about what's in them, but this picture has a little bit of information about who will be receiving them.  Look closely!  Do you have a Logan Oates care package coming your way soon?  If so you should probably make sure that milk I talked about earlier is on stand-by.  (:
 My cousin Anna performed a dance routine at the Football game on Friday night.  She was so good! 
 Our family friend Shelley and her beautiful daughter Belle.  This was just such a good picture that I had to post it here.  I am not Belle's favorite person, but I'm not sure why.  She often starts to cry when I come near, which is odd because usually babies gravitate towards me.  I'm sure Belle will warm up to me sooner or later though.  In the meantime I will just keep trying!
 If you're an avid reader of my blog you know that my favorite red rubber scraper bit the dust a few weeks ago.  Well, low and behold my wonderful mother surprised me with a new set!  I was really excited.  They came at the perfect time, too, because I had more baking to do this weekend...
 Baked potato soup with Goldfish crackers?  Yum.
 My Grandfathers 71st birthday in on Halloween but my family decided to get together and celebrate a day early.  Lindsey and the rest of the crew have the Waverly Halloween parade tomorrow and I have class all day (boo!) so an early celebration seemed to make the most sense.  I made the cake, Mom and Grandma both made food, and I really enjoyed spending some time with the family.  Above you can see Robin photobombing my picture.  It actually turned out pretty cute!
 I made 2 different variations on Chocolate cake.  When I asked him, my Grandpa said he wanted 'Chocolate cake with black walnuts on top' so that's what he got!  The man loves anything chocolate so I also made some of those "fauxstess" cupcakes I mentioned in a earlier post.  My poor mother single handedly cracked all of the black walnuts for the cake.  She's pretty fantastic! 

 I love my Grandpa's face in this one.  Who likes to do "silly" pictures.  Haha.  He's still got a young vibrant personality even at 71!
 Bear with me and I will explain this picture.  It's firewood season, you know that right?  You also know that my brother (that's Tristen Carter at South Central Services phone: 740-701-5659) sells firewood.  Well we're all about work smart as much as you work hard, so this is our set up for this year.  You can see the log splitter (the red thing) and then a stack of wood to the left of the frame.  If you look close you will also see the conveyer that moves the firewood for us (so excited!) so we don't have to pitch it into the dump truck (it's in the picture as well) by hand.  The conveyer is actually made for corn, but it works perfectly for us as a firewood conveyer.  (Also, if you missed it, there's that 71 year old pitching firewood.  Next time you complain about your back/knees/hips/shoulders hurting suck it up and move on with your life because that man could work you under the table any day!)
 I had to watch this movie for class.  It's about cannibalism.  I wasn't a big fan at all.  

That's it for this weekend!  Tomorrow I am interviewing a lovely couple for an upcoming blog post that I am really excited about.  Check back for it later in the week!  

Blog love,