Sunday, May 6, 2012

My weekend in pictures 5.4.2012-5.6.2012

So... I haven't done this in quite a while!  I figured I wanted to get back in the swing of posting my weekend in pictures.  For posterity's sake, of course.  I had a stellar weekend, and spent a good chunk of it sleeping.  

Current song obsession? 
Daughter- Youth
(When I just searched this on YouTube I put in "Family- Son" but nothing came up. Haha.)

Current guilty pleasure song?

Click to listen while you explore this weekends pictures!

 I needed a good escape on Thursday.  So, even though it isn't technically part of my weekend, I wanted to include it here.  I got sucked into the $1 section at Michaels.  And I had to call my Mom just to will myself out of it.  I spent so much time in the dollar section that I didn't leave myself enough time to explore the rest of the store.  I made a few really great purchases, though.  
So exciting.
 I've also been looking for shorts.  Since I'm a tall guy and this seasons shorts are cut to fit short on guys already (it's the yacht look?) it's been hard to find anything that doesn't ride up on me when I sit down.  I finally found a pair (these aren't them) at Old Navy.  Success!  Except I wore them once and got tooth paste on them.  They'll have to wait for the next wash cycle.
 How does a person design window displays?  Who do you call?  Because I feel like I'd be really good at it.  I loved this one.
 Most likely the best .40 cents I have ever spent.  It's a jumbo eraser that is designed like a robot.  It EVEN has a heart.  I'll need to go back and get some more.  Because once you use it...
 I bought new BRIGHT yellow shoes. 
 I generally get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  Well, I'm starting to rethink my order because no one can make a PB& J that is up to my standards.  No one.  This guy got jelly all on the outside of the bread.  How? I have no idea.
 Positive graffiti on the white board in Thompson Library.  I'm not sure what the drawing there is, but I didn't want to erase it.
 It started raining as I was walking across campus.  Beautiful moment.
 I have a new obsession...
 It's hand lettering. 
 I love it.  It's a good release.
 I've already done this.  It was in a book called "Do something everyday."
Plus, I love my family tree.
 I also bought some new stamps!  They're clear and just stick onto that acryclic block you see there.  I used this one to make the card you see below...
I wanted to use both words, but I didn't want them to be so close together (one inside the cut out and one below it) so I only stamped ink onto one word at a time.  Perfect!  I love these clear stamps, you can see EXACTLY where you are going to place it.
 I added some dots around the "Hello" and some accents on the "Darling" part.  
It's simple. Classy.  I love it.
 I spent a few hours nestled in the Union today working on a paper.  I took this picture because it seemed like a perfect moment... how could I pass up that big block O?  No way Jose.

That's all for this week.
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