Monday, October 29, 2012

Free roses?

I still feel a little guilty.  I got this beautiful bunch of roses for free.  I was at Giant Eagle and noticed they were marked for $4.50... the other bunches were kind of crusty so I picked out the best bunch and moved on with my trip.  I was excited to get a dozen roses for $4.50!
I finally milled my way up to the register and they rang up $16.99!  I asked the cashier working about it and she said she'd walk back with me and check.  Well low and behold there they were marked $4.50.  She took the sign off, walked me back up to the register and comped them from my total.  Apparently at Giant Eagle if the scanned price doesn't match the advertised price you get the item for free.  So exciting!
I also used coupons and got a boatload of stuff for just a little over $20.  So exciting.

I split the roses up into 2 separate bouquets and I plan on giving one to Lindsey.  She always says she never gets any packages and I figure this will make her day.  I loved cutting down the flowers and putting them into these Mason Jars I have. 

I think they're the prettiest free roses I've ever seen.

Happy Monday,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Where do you keep your to-do list?

I tend to keep my to-do lists in some very strange places.  Recently my evening to-do list was stuck to my favorite black-and-white polka dot coffee cup.  The reason?  Each time I picked it up to take a sip of steaming hot cocoa I was reminded that I should actually be working on conquering my list.  This tactic did actually help since I knocked everything off of the list before bed.

Also seen here are some of my favorite things:
  • a small black elephant I bought from Target with a dear friend ages ago
  • gumballs leftover from my Mom’s birthday celebration
  • the new Taylor Swift album my friend Taylor burnt for me (SO good!)
  • my GRE study supplement (which has been barely used)

I believe that all spaces should be filled with things you love.  If it’s not practical or it’s not something you love then it has no room in your life.  I use this philosophy when pairing down things I own and donating.  Those pants that don’t fit just right?  Gone.  That sweater that sags a little when I wear it? Gone.

I only have room in my life for the things (and people) I love the most.  The rest of it will have to find somewhere else to be.


off to a good home.

In a strange (and wonderful) turn of events within the past few months I have been asked to design 2 new necklaces for an Art Auction.  And here they are!  I wanted to capture them in photographs because I'm not sure if I'll ever see them again!  This will mark the first time that I have created jewelry and given it to anyone other than friends and family.  It's a big step!

If you purchased one of these pieces at the auction and found my blog through my business card, please leave me a comment.  It's be great to know who now owns one of my creations!

Here are some shots I love:


(Thanks to my lovely neck model Annie!)