About me

I'm Logan. 

I love writing this blog, and if life allowed just a little more time I'd love to be able to write even more.  I'm starting to find my passions and follow them, so with this blog I'm hoping to set a precedent and launch myself into the freelance world.  Long shot?  Probably.  But I've always been a long shot and I've come out on top pretty often.  
I am a 21 year old student of life and the Ohio State University.  I try to document life's moments with my (well, technically my Mom's) Canon EOS Rebel T3i and my own words.  This blog is very specific to my life, which may not open it up to a huge audience, but I have other blogs I follow that are very personal to the author and those are the blogs I love.  I like that authenticity.

So look around.  Tell your friends.  Connect with me.