Sunday, October 16, 2011

My weekend in pictures 10/14/2011-10/16/2011

This weekend was great, but rather uneventful.  I studied a lot, and I really probably should have studied more.  I feel like I have a good grasp on the challenging week that is coming up, but it could be really bad if things don't fall into place.

I have this song stuck in my head.  Play it while you look through the pictures from this week!

(Thanks to Mel for the recommendation!)

Here is my weekend in pictures!

 This is the to-do list I made on Friday.  I took this picture on Sunday night.  I think really this list was a little over-ambitious.  I still had a weekend full of academics.  Also, on Friday I found out I got an 80/100 on my math exam.  That's good for someone who hates math!  I have an English exam on Wednesday and a History exam a week from Monday.  So, wish me luck!
 I made mini lemon-meringue and butterscotch pies.  These didn't come out right, so no one else got to try them.  But they were good (even if my meringue wouldn't peak!) and I may try to make them again.
 I love HGTV magazine.  If you haven't picked it up yet, I highly suggest it!
 This weekend was dirt track world championships or something at KC Raceway.  Since I live very close to the racetrack I got to hear/see all of the traffic and racing all weekend.  These are cars parked on my road, I took this from my driveway.  Mind blowing!
 I am a kinestic learner, so I made a whole stack of flash cards for my upcoming English exam.
 Highlight of my weekend?  Teaching my Grandma how to use her new iPhone 4.  She called and told me that she needed help setting it up... I didn't know she actually got the iPhone!  My mind was blown.  Grandma's got game!
 Sunday I went to a real estate auction preview and enjoyed being nosey.  Before we left my Mom was looking in a dumpster at some books.  Well, low and behold she found this one!  This is my area of interest when it comes to a major/specialty.  It's from 1977. 
Finally, as soon as I hit the submit button on this post I am going to enjoy some cookies and milk.  Wanna join me?  (:

Blog love,