Monday, November 5, 2012


I have bit my hypothetical cyber tongue for days now, but tonight, on election eve, I want to let you know how important your vote is tomorrow.  If you've found your way here you are a person that is special in my life in one way or another: you're my mother, my brother, my family in some way, or my friend.  You already know who I voted for.

Here's the thing: your vote affects me.  Before you hit that button think of me, Logan Oates.
I am the Logan Oates who will be graduating from OSU in May who has funded his education with Federal Financial Aid. 
I am the Logan Oates who emailed Sherrod Brown when something in my life went a little crazy and who got a personal call back from him. 
I am the Logan Oates who stood with young people from across the country on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial educating them about what it means to be an American. 
I am the Logan Oates who grew up on the poverty line in Appalachian Ohio.  
I am the Logan Oates who has fallen down, been beaten down and who has stood back up, every time, proudly and unscathed. 

I am the Logan Oates who is depending on you to pick the candidate that supports me.