Monday, October 24, 2011

My weekend in a picture 10/21/2011-10/23/2011

So, this post is a little late.  The good news is the deadlines I have for this are flexible because they are self-created.  I normally post my weekend in pictures on Sunday evening.  That's my time to rest and relax before the start of a busy week.  Well, that didn't happen last night!  I was up until 3:30am writing and essay with my Mom and sister.  It was rough.  I didn't procrastinate or anything, it just was that the essay didn't organically come from anywhere.  I wasn't interested in the topic, and although I love to write, I love to write about things I am passionate about.

This is the only picture I am going to post this week, not because I don't have others to share, but because this young lady deserves to be the star of the show for a little while.  Lindsey received a Math Medal award from GE Aviation, OSU and Honda on Saturday because of her stellar achievements in... you guessed it... math!  I am always so proud of her and I can guarantee this kid is going somewhere!  The banquet was in Cincinnati and I really enjoyed it (for the most part.)  Congratulations to my Linny Bop, my little sister, the girl who gave Barney and herself a haircut and ripped all of my Sesame Street wallpaper off of my bedroom walls when she was 4.  (Barney and wallpaper were in the same day!)

Congratulations Lindsey!