Sunday, September 25, 2011

My weekend in pictures 9/23/2011-9/25/2011

It's been a fantastic week, and this weekend was no exception!  I was happy with the way my 1st day of classes went last Wednesday, and I am really excited about this new opportunity in my life. 

Here's my weekend in pictures:

 I ordered this silver elephant ring from Etsy.  It came in the mail on Friday, and I was excited.  I love it, but I don't know if I can pull it off.  It feels so strange to me to have a ring on my finger.  I don't know which finger it belongs on?  And I don't know it it makes me look like I'm flaming.  In the background you can see my computer screen.  I've been reading all weekend for class on Monday, and I feel like I have a solid grasp on the information.  I also did all of the quizzes for the quarter for my online class in one sitting, which is great.  I like being able to tick that off of my to-do list. 
 Saturday dinner: pizza bread and dinosaur nuggets with honey mustard.  I'm a kid.
 Dinner with the family.  We all wore purple.  How weird!
(Check out Lindsey's blog at:
 Crab Rangoon.  They're okay, but not as good as Thanh Linh in Peoria
 It's like my dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse kept expanding.  Leftovers?  Yes!
 This is my friend Brody.  We met at the Japanese Steakhouse and instantly hit it off.  The thing is that Brody and I have the same likes in food, and I knew we we're going to eat the same things before I even sat down.  I really enjoyed talking with Brody and his Mom during dinner.  He's a fantastic young man and I can tell that his Mom raised him with manners and respect.  At one point he said "I can't just say no, I have to say no thank you."  Manners like that, instilled at an early age, will go a long way in a child's life.  I remember my Mom teaching me those things, and I think that is what has made me into the kind, compassionate man I am today. 
Brody (5), myself, and Caiden (4) at the Japanese Steakhouse after dinner.  At one point Brody told me that he wanted to be just like me when he grows up.  I didn't know really how to react, so I said that he needed to go to college, and go to school everyday.  In hind sight I should have told that young man to build a solid relationship with his mother and family, because that is the best thing a person can ever have.  I want to thank Brody and Caiden's mom Rachel for allowing me to post these pictures.  If you ever need a babysitter out there in New Holland, let me know!  

It's been a low-key weekend.  I wouldn't have it any other way.