Sunday, September 11, 2011

My weekend in pictures 9/9/2011-9/11/2011

I think it's important I start this post with a little bit of sentimentality.  10 years ago today, I was walking from the Middle School to the Cafeteria with my friends on our way to lunch, when someone from the TAG class mentioned the World Trade Center attacks.  I will never forget this moment, because it became clear to me that the administration at our school decided to shield us from the news of the attacks.  The only students who watched the footage were the TAG students, and Mrs. Kellough (the TAG teacher at the time) went against the adminstration and played the footage all day for her classes.  I had a close friend who was worried that her dad was on a flight to NYC.  The moments of that day will never escape my memory, I can still remember getting home from school and seeing the footage for the first time.
I think that is why, today, on the 10th anniversary of the attacks, I have avoided all media outlets.  I simply don't want to sit around all day and watch the attacks happen over and over again, replay after replay.  To me this is no way to honor those who lost their lives.  I am all about moving forward, so I am happy that I did not have to watch that particular footage today.  I can honor the memory of those who lost their lives without reliving the events that are so painful to so many.

My weekend in pictures:

 Finally, after several months of waiting (and frustration) my brother and sister-in-laws wedding pictures were uploaded.  This one is not good quality, because I took it with my phone of the computer screen.  The pictures are stunning, and I am so happy for Melissa that she finally has them.  I won't say more, but 6 months is entirely too long of a time for a bride to have to wait for her proofs of the pictures of the most important day of her life. 
 I really do believe that I could be in a committed, monogamous relationship with Pinterest.  If you aren't a member yet, let me know and I can send you an invitation.  I didn't quite expect it to be as amazing as it truly is.  I found this idea on Pinterest, and I wanted to recreate it.  The idea is that you mount all your pictures above and below a center horizontal line, making them into an automatic installation.  My failed attempt is below...
 So, I started.  I couldn't find a tape measure.  I tried to make straight lines myself, but they were crooked.  I hung a few things just to see what it would look like.  I stopped when I remembered that we plan on painting this room (and others) in the near future.  You can't hang pictures until after you paint the walls, Logan.  Sillyhead. 
 That's me at my 5th Birthday.  16 years ago.  Wow.  I am the one in blue and green, and my brother Jarred is the one in the cut-off shirt.  He is blowing out my candles with me.  He just wanted the thing to be over with so he could eat cake, I am sure.  I love this picture and I love the Sesame Street cake.  Shout out to my lovely mother for always making my birthdays amazing.  I have so many fond memories of my birthday's from my childhood.  (:
 Saturday evening I rented a chick flick from iTunes and kept things low-key.  At this point in the movie the guy in white is about to let out this girls deep, dark secret (you can kind of see her head in the bottom right) and since they were playing badminton, she whacked him in the face with her racket to get him to shut up.  That was a horrible description, but I am not a move person, really.  This film was good, but I am one for cliched romantic chick flicks with happy endings.  (Because we all will find our own happy ending, right?)
This is me, cuddled up with my GIANT elephant (thanks Antonaccis!) watching the movie.  I was excited because I remembered we had a box of Sno-Caps in the kitchen half way through the movie.  It was a great night.  (:

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing this.  Soon I will blog about my anxiety over starting classes at OSU, buying books, commuting, large school night mares, and getting lost.  Also, I really want to post my own DIY thing on my blog, but I just need to decide on what I want to DIY.  I'm open to suggestions.  (: