Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My weekend in pictures

I love a long weekend, and I love fall weather, so this Labor day weekend was simply amazing.  I have decided that since a picture is worth a thousand words I will start doing a post called "My weekend in pictures."  I didn't really think this through, and I didn't really take an exceptional amount of pictures, but the few that I do have will work perfectly.  This is a trial run, just to see if I can figure out how to post pictures to my blog and add captions under them.  There's always a new adventure, and this blog post is my adventure for the day. 

 This is the only picture I took on Friday.  I was stopped at a stop light, I assure you that!  I drove my Grandma's big ole' Buick to Columbus so my older brother could pick up his new work van.  It was really hot on Friday but it cooled down a lot later in the weekend.
 My mom and I are planning to make our own cushioned ottoman, and I have been collecting ideas from websites and magazines.  I wanted to post this because it's all either of us have thought about this weekend.  We have the perfect table, but want to wait to get it for cheap cheap when it goes on sale Wednesday.  When we do this little project I will make sure to post pictures!
 Friday evening I spent writing thank-you cards, eating Swedish Fish, reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" and slowly loving the smell of incense.  (Shout out to my Aunt Robin for the book and incense, the latter was part of my birthday gift.)
 Saturday night was race night!  I went with my Aunt Robin and Grandpa to Wellston, Ohio to watch my older brother Tristen and my cousin Zach race their go-karts.  I had 3 of these giant pop-sicles throughout the night.  They are SO good.  It was also OSU game day so you can see my OSU shirt in this picture.  Go BUCKS! 
 The race track is dirt, so when the karts come off the tires are really dirty.  I am normally part of the pit crew (along with Grandpa and Melissa) who wash T and ZT's tires.  (I don't really understand why we wash the tires, because they just get dirty again as soon as you get back on the track?  It's just one of those 'don't ask' things.  Do as your told, Logan.)
 Sunday morning I found my goldfish Chester dead in his tank.  This is an archive photo of when we was living (swimmingly!) with his old friends Seabiscut and Max's goldfish who's name I can't recall at this moment.  (Possibly Destiny or Child?)  SIP to all 3.
 Sunday evening Mom, Lindsey and I went to dinner at Red Lobster and watched the movie "The Help."  This picture is really dark, I know. 
 On Monday Mom and I went to Columbus to pick up Lindsey a book bag, and I made out like a fool.  I got 2 new V-necks, a Britta water bottle and an ADORABLE blue ceramic vase.  Lindsey doesn't like the bag we picked out for her.  I think I'm the winner, then.  (:

This was actually easier than I anticipated, so I will probably continue to do this every weekend.  Next time I will take more (better quality?) pictures so I can share them.  For my 2nd blog post I think this one is pretty great, don't you?