Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heads will roll

I will know, from now on, to be very careful about going over people's heads.  I don't want to disclose too much information, but I want to get this down for posterity's sake.  I start at OSU on 9.21 and I am more than a little bit nervous.  I am not used to life on a "big campus" and I am not sure how commuting for (at least) a quarter is going to work out.  I have always lived on campus.  5 minutes and you could walk anywhere: Thanh Linh, Markin, Cullom-Davis.  Anywhere.  This is not the case at OSU.
Let's jump back a minute to that commuting thing.  Did it sink in?  Because it is starting to sink in with me.  I will be driving from the Oates Homestead (or T & Mel's, this is still up in the air) 2 days a week for 10 weeks.  This adds a whole list of problems to my already growing list.  I've been working on fixing some of this over the past few days, but there is so much that I just can't fix on my own.  I hate that feeling.
Did I mention the part where my Senator personally contacted  the director of financial aid at OSU on my behalf?  Well, it happened.  I was not happy with the answers OSU was giving me about my financial aid, and I went over some heads.  Over everyone's heads.  I did get some answers.  The answers have come from a woman named Goldean Gibbs, who works at OSU as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid.  She's a BIG deal.  I am to file an appeal with Ms. Gibbs and she is going to "personally" review it and "handle" matters herself.  She also wants to meet me face to face. 

"Additionally, you could drop off on the 4th floor of the same building which is the Office of Financial Aid, please ask the receptionist to see if I am in the building as I would enjoy an opportunity to meet you face to face."

So this is my life.  This is pretty much what I asked for when I went over heads.  It seems like heads will roll.  Exciting.