Sunday, September 18, 2011

My weekend in pictures 9/16/2011-9/18/2011

I am really getting into this blogging thing.  I can't wait to show you my weekend in pictures!  This weekend, upon looking through my pictures, is really food-centric.  I am okay with that, though!  I love food and it plays an important role in my life.  So... here it goes!

My weekend in pictures:

I didn't take any pictures of mine and Mel's trip to OSU on Friday, but I do want to say that we had a good time and spent a lot of money (gross, books and parking passes) but I did find a pair of Levi's at UO for $10!  (:

 I discovered last week that I much prefer to add text under each picture rather than click on the "add a caption" box because it stretches the frame around the picture out.  I don't like that at all!  Anyway, on Friday I found these delicious pillows at WalMart on clearance for $5!  Happy Dance! 
 Friday night I went to the Go Kart races, and when I went to get the blazer to drive back to KC Raceway I saw that my Grandpa had left $10 (to pay my way in) and the keys in the cup holder.  He knows I almost never have cash.  Isn't that sweet?!
 The Go Kart races were cold, and my lovely Aunt Robin made hot chocolate-coffee-ish stuff.  It was SO good.  I also had some candy corn, which I did not share.  I also ate Oreos and Nachos while at the races.  Yum!
 Let's talk about trough urinals for a minute, because they are NOT okay.  I avoid urinals at all costs anyway, but these are just weird on so many levels.  No privacy, environmentally unfriendly, and just plain icky. 
 The only bright side to the Go Kart track bathrooms was that they had hand dryers, which I used to warm up my (almost) frozen fingers.  It was great.  I bought Nachos after this and shared with Mel, but I didn't tell her that I didn't actually wash my hands until after she had eaten several chips.  Oops!
 This exhaust thingy on my brothers kart get's really hot, so I kept my hands warm on it while we were waiting on him to race.  It comes in 2nd to the hand dryer.
 I really wanted to bake something this weekend, and my first attempt on Saturday night failed miserably.  The house STILL smells like burnt graham crackers.
 So I got up on Sunday, had some toast, and I decided to try again!
 They're called Caramel Heavenlies (or Graham Crackers Parts) and the link to the recipe is here.  I used parchment paper instead on foil to fine the pan, and it worked perfectly.  Cook the caramel for 1 minute exactly after the butter has melted.  I added dark chocolate chips to mine as well.
 I also made these "Fauxstess" chocolate cream filled cupcakes.  Check my next post for more details!
To wrap up the weekend I watched the Antiques Roadshow and 2 hours of Hoarders with my Grandpa.  I love that man!

I hope you had a great weekend as well,