Thursday, January 17, 2013

Add a little life to your life.

So, this is a quick story about some beautiful flowers.
I love having flowers in my room, and ever since getting back to Columbus I've meant to get down to North Market to buy some.  Well, I was down that way and just happened to stop in at Kroger.  They had a bunch of flowers on "Managers Special" and I got one huge bundle for $4 and then little potted bulbs for $2 each!  So many great flowers for $12.

I gave some of the potted plants away: Becky, Katie, Taylor and kept the yellow put for myself.  They're very photogenic flowers, and I love having them around.

Someone yesterday on a blog I was reading said they were "worth the weekly investment" and I don't know about all that, but I was happy to shell out $12 for so much happiness.  I even have a few stems in a small glass vase in my bathroom- brushing my teeth is so much better now!  Haha.

Here's a detailed look:

My favorite flower is a peony with a close second hydrangeas.  I like the soft beauty of those flowers, but they don't do the best for indoor cut flower arrangements.  I also love carnations simply because they last for weeks!  They'll be the last to wilt out of my bouquet.  What is your favorite flower?