Sunday, April 1, 2012

These things will change.

I had a moment the other day.  I was standing in my new RA dorm room on campus at OSU trying to get my worldly posessions sorted out and tucked away into their own little corners.  Then it hit me... it had been a little more than a year since I left Bradley, and here I am.  I've worked my butt off to get my life back on track, and now I am a proud Buckeye.  I'm not far from that degree now.
There have been, of course, some casualties along the way.  Life is a continual process, and I learn more and more about that each and every day.  We all make decisions on a daily basis that may hurt others... sometimes those 'others' are strangers, and; sometimes, those 'others' can be people who hold a special place in our heart.  People who always will hold a special place in our heart.
(I just realized that the title for this blog is a lyric to a Taylor Swift song.  If I was embarrassed I'd change it.  But I'm not embarrassed.)
I've started my first (and last!) Spring quarter at OSU.  (It's my last because OSU will be on Semesters next year.  Haha.)  This quarters classes will be a bit of a challenge... mostly because I'm in 20 credit hours and I typically don't appreciate classes with more than 30 people in them.  All of my classes this quarter have more than 30 people in them.  It's a bit much, and a big departure from the way things worked at Bradley. 
There are several things I want to blog about over the next few weeks, but for this moment I think I'll share a few photographs that I really love in this moment.  I hope you love them, too.

 The most adorable 3 year old ever.
 I chose the wrong photo of her, but I love this one just the same because it shows her true spirit.
 Spring has sprung!  I can't wait to be able to take some really great pictures of my Grandma's flowers. 
I've been so lucky that I've been able to watch Lindsey dance at all of her dance competitions her senior year.  Living in Columbus really does have it's perks.  I get to see my girls pretty often!