Sunday, November 20, 2011

My weekend in pictures 11/18/2011-11/20/2011

People have started to comment about my blog in real life conversations.  I love it!  Lindsey's dance buddy Grace says she's an avid reader, and Tristen even said "Put that one on your blog!" after he took a picture of Grandpa and I.  I like that this venture has made me appreciate every moment of my weekend a lot more. 
So why should I hold back any longer?  Here's my weekend in pictures:

 I came home from Columbus on Thursday and (somehow!) my brother found out and Friday suddenly became a workday.  I'm okay with some hard work (I mean that was my entire summer) and I got to spend some quality time with two great men.  I didn't take any picture's while we were on the job site (it was a demolition of a garage in Jackson) but I did take a couple during lunch at Emma's in Beaver.  I should have ordered a tenderloin (the foreman was paying, I should have order 2!) but instead I got these cheesesticks and some Sour Cream & Onion Herr's chips.  If you received one of my care packages a few weeks ago you know that these are my favorite chips.  
 Grandpa cut his Veal up into bite-size pieces with this pocket knife.  At one point he said "I think I dulled my blade cutting down those vines earlier" because at the job site he was cutting down vines and weeds.  I love this man.  (Please notice the huge chocolate milkshake.)
 Failed picture attempt 1.
(Please notice that he's in the drivers seat.)
(Also note that we were driving the dump truck.)
(It was fully loaded.)
(It's a standard.)
(He turned 71 a couple weeks ago.)
 Failed picture attempt 2.
 Failed picture attempt 3.
 Failed picture attempt 4.
 Finally, success!  Thanks to photographer Tristen.
 Lindsey performed her (last ever) tap solo for the first time at the Jingle Bell Variety Show at Waverly High School.  My Grandparents both came (Grandpa made comments and Grandma ate cheese it's loudly the whole time, Grandma was louder than Grandpa) and I really enjoyed the evening.  A lot of the performances were good, some were great.  Lindsey did an amazing job, per usual.  Even President Lincoln made an appearance. 
 Saturday morning Tristen and I started the day off getting parade floats together.  The plan was for he and I to both drive floats through the parade.  Lindsey and the dance girls needed to decorate everything.  They actually did a great job.  It was mostly Lindsey's brainchild and Shannon helped with all of the creative stuff. 
 Me, Lindsey, Tristen, Shannon.
(Tristen wouldn't wear a Santa hat but he did don a "Ba humbug!" t-shirt later.)
Notice Lindsey's hair.  She was Cindy Lou-Hoo.
 "Dailyville FWB Church"
Anyone else see the humor here?
 Tristen was nervous to have me driving a float.  I found it ironic because he is the one who taught me how to drive a truck and trailer.  Thanks to Terry for letting us use his truck and the dance mom's who walked behind to make sure no tiny dancers got away.
 Since I didn't study all weekend I spent most of Sunday plugging away on my Math exam review.  Mom and I took this one before I headed to Columbus.  Isn't she just beautiful?  (:
I have really big hands, but this is the size of the french fries that comes with a McDonalds happy meal now.  You also get (a really small amount of) apple slices.  I always get really excited when they ask if I need a boy or girl toy.  

Thanks for sharing in my weekend!