Sunday, November 13, 2011

My weekend in pictures 11/11/2011-11/13/2011

This weekend was great.  So much fun, friends, family and tons of pictures!
Chinese auction.  Chinese food.  Only one had actual Asian's at it.
Here we go!

 I asked the woman at my bus stop to take a picture of me.  I was headed to the gym and wanted to rub some people's faces in it.  Well, she didn't do such a hot job.  I had one friend say that she didn't intentionally cut off my head, rather she just wanted to focus on my "awesome beard" (his words, not mine.)
 Lindsey and Mom came to get me from Columbus on Friday evening. 
 I don't know how, but we did wind up at a K-Mart.  This Whitman's sampler was HUGE.  Who would eat that much candy?  (Ha, I would!)  We took this picture several times because Lindsey kept looking "too surprised" (her words, not mine.)
 I was offended that the display of OSU stuff was right next to the display of Michigan stuff.  I created a safety zone between the two.  It's just not okay people.
 Ah, this picture accounts for what took up most of my time this past week/end.  I will be turning in (in 9 hours!) an essay that is worth a huge chunk of my grade for a class.  I went on Saturday morning to Schlegels coffeehouse to work on my essay.  The environment there is just so great.  Also, it didn't hurt that my friend Taylor works there.  He made me this TaĆ© latte.  It was delicious! 
 Our fire department has an annual Chinese auction that I haven't been to in 3 years because I've been away at school.  Well I was sure not to miss it this year!  This picture is of Lindsey and Grandma eating some delicious potato soup before we went in to put our tickets in for items.
 Grandma has gotten really good at posing for pictures! 
 I love this picture of Shelley and baby Belle because you can see the love in Shelley's face and the wonder in Belle's.  Isn't it great?  Only a mother can have that look of passion for her daughter.  It's a great moment, I think.  The side note to this picture is I didn't take it... Belle hates me.  She is the only baby to ever cry when I come near.  When she's older I'm not going to let her forget it.
 It was a great (albeit exhausting) evening. 
 I needed no-bake cookies.  Not a want, or had to have or any of that.  I needed them.  On Friday night I made 2 double batches and I undercooked the first (I scraped a couple from the wax paper with my fingers and still ate them) and the 2nd batch I overcooked (I didn't want to under cook them again) so on Sunday morning I made Mom make them.  She came through and they are SO good.
 Remember that essay I mentioned earlier?  Well it rears it's ugly little head again here.  Mom was helping me edit it and came up with a great conclusion.  We were talking and the next thing you know she's writing something at the speed of sound.  Thanks to Robin for also editing my essay.
 Penguin seat protectors?  Duh.
 When I go to a Chinese buffet I make a plate of different types of chicken and then I literally taste each one and decide which I like the best.  This time the black pepper chicken won.  It was SO good.  I also ate my body weight in fried crab rangoon.  Mmm.
Mom found this demented little bunnies on the door and talked about them all night.  I am almost certain they used a whole roll of packing tape to put them up.  Also, it's not Easter.  

Thanks for reading!