Friday, August 24, 2012

New life to an old favorite

So, I bought this bracelet (it's the pastel colored one I have pictured in this post) while I was in Washington DC in 2010.  I was at Eastern Market with my PA friends and this woman had a bucket full of bracelets- I don't remember exactly, but I do recall this specific bracelet jumping out at me.  You know those moments where you see something and you realize that is literally meant to belong to you?  That no one else in the world but you would ever love it as much as you will?  I had that moment.

I remember haggling with her and got her down from $10 to $8... and when I opened up my wallet all I had were $20 bills.  I was frustrated and I just wanted to have it on my wrist, so I handed her a $20, she handed me a $10 back with a sly smile and I walked away.

I wore the bracelet on each opening day for the CWF program for the rest of that summer.  My sister has worn this bracelet a few times.  My Mom wore it to Thanksgiving dinner one year and my Grandma actually complemented her on it.  My Grandma does have good taste.

Needless to say this is one of the pieces in my collect of bracelets (and if you know me, you know there are many in my collection) that I love.  It's been with me for so much.

I was heartbroken when it fell apart at the Fair this summer.  I was just walking along and I clapped or something and BAM! all the beads fell to the ground.  My friend Sam and Julian helped me pick up the pieces and I didn't start crying.  I held it together.  There is no time for tears at the Ohio State Fair.

So this evening I got out my supplies and pieced her back together.  This time I used beading wire instead of elastic cord (I prefer elastic, but heavy ceramic beads require something more sturdy) and a beautiful gold ring and bar closure I bought recently.  It fits my wrist perfectly.

It feels good to have it back again.

 I'm also working on a few pieces for an upcoming jewelry/art show/fair/sale that my supervisor's supervisor Janet asked if I would like to make.  I'm very excited, I'll make sure to post pictures soon.  One will be mostly black with a mound of beads in the center, and the other I've started has a vintage inspired center pendant with green/pink and gold beads.  I think they'll turn out beautifully.

Have a lovely weekend,