Sunday, January 22, 2012

My weekend in pictures 1/13/2011-11/16/2011

 Aren't we a good looking group?  I mean, come on now... we look stunning here.  I really love this picture.  We had lunch at the Lake White club for Tristen's birthday and after lunch I (somehow) managed to get everyone to pose for this picture.  The camera is strategically balance on a parking lot post with my scarf folded ontop of that so I could get the right angle.  My family are getting good at the "this is going to take 5 pictures in a row" setting. 
 It was my big Bub's birthday. 
 I've got my scarf back!  Isn't this one great?
I took this one.  I got more of the lake in the background, but all of the others turned out really well too!