Sunday, December 4, 2011

My weekend in pictures 12/2/2011-12/4/2011

I have eaten so much chocolate today that it's almost incomprehensible.  I have this stash and I have kept it on reserve for a really stressful time.  I'm not even that stressed but the flood gates have opened.  I disgress-- this is the first weekend since I moved to Grandview that I haven't gone home for the weekend.  I don't really know how I feel about that.  I do, however, know that I am excited for this coming weekend and the many holiday events on the horizon.  This weekends pictures are a little sparse... but I want to share them with you anyway. 
(In my Oprah voice: "Here we go!!!")

 Friday I went to see the movie Contagion with a friend.  It was a really good movie and I was thankful I am already a pretty clean person.  My favorite line from the whole movie was "Stop touching your face."  Haha.  I took a handful of Hershey's kisses with me.  I think this is what started my weekend-o-chocolate.  (There are no depictions here of the number of fudgesicles I ate this weekend.  For a reason.)
 Saturday I submitted my final paper for my English (cannibalism) class.  I need a 99 on this paper to get an A in the class.  I'm celebrating my B. 
 Remember in an earlier post (last weeks) when I put the chicken breasts into Zip-loc baggies?  Well it's perfect.  You can use the baggie to discard all of your scarps of undesirable pieces.  Woo.
 For dinner on Saturday I made baked chicken nuggets (I used crushed up white cheddar cheese-its and some panko for the breading) and roasted garlic potatoes.  Yum.  Next time I will make sure the breading it really crushed up finely. 
 I cam across this site where you match a criminal with their alleged crime/implement/hobby/career.  I got 5 out of 5 correct.  Please notice the women who harmed people with a red onion or the macaroni and cheese?  Weird.
 Yes, family, I have been studying. 
 My calculator is out and everything!  Just 2 more finals to go (Monday and Tuesday) and then I am done with winter quarter.  Woo!  Tuesday and Wednesday I am testing recipes for the upcoming cookie exchange. 
 My food pictures aren't that good because I can't find the charger for my camera and had to take this with my phone.  But it tasted good!  I made Alfredo rotini with herb chicken and some garlic bread. 
 When they visited me last week my Aunt Robin and Grandma had ideas on what I could do with the place... and Robins was brilliant!  I had this shelf and mirror on the wall but it kept falling off (both times into my dirty laundry pile, thankfully) because the 3M strips I use wouldn't adhere to the wall.  Since I don't close my center door anymore (I locked myself in my room once...) I moved the shelf and the mirror to the door.  And now it will stay!  Thanks Robin!
Finally, to appease my lovely Grandmother I did tape up the gap in my window.  I literally have not been cold in this house at all, but Grandma nearly birthed a kitten when I showed her the gap.  So I used tape and fixed it.  You see Grandma, I really do listen to you.  (:

Okay all, I am off to study some more!  Thanks for reading with me.